How I Made A Giant Squidoo Head Mask
iris highlights
Eye Reflections

I just mixed up a touch of the gesso into some of the leftover glossy gel medium and had the perfect paint to add the shiny reflections on the Squid eye.

Pupil Mesh

Having made and worn masks over the years, I really had to think for a while about the black pupil. In the end, I went with a very see-through black mesh, since the mask was going to be worn by people who probably had no experience walking around half-blind in a mask. I cut off the little metal lamp loops and glued the mesh to the inside of the mask, just around the hole.

The Giant Squid Head

I'm glad my sister was able to not laugh at me long enough to take this picture. When worn, the eyeball tips forward slightly, so that the eye has the downward profile similar to the graphic logo. With a flash, the mesh disappears and if you line up just right, you get the face of the person wearing the head in the eye.

Personally, I'm really hoping for pics of the Big Squids playing around with this one....


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