Squidoo Squid Mask part 3 - eye details and finishing
Step 6 - Iris Details

The easiest way to add the highlights and shadows to the irises of the Squid eyes was to use markers. I used Sharpies, as those would dry on this foam. Some markers don't and will permanently rubbing off on your fingers so do a test on a scrap before you do the mask eyes.

Step 7 - Adding Eye Reflections

The eye reflections are realistically-perfect as far as angle and alignment goes. I just stuck to having them be as they are on the logo for ease of mask creation. I cut rounded shapes out of some of the scraps left over from my pattern paper bag and glued them onto the eyes.

Step 8 - Wearing Your Mask

I glued two scraps of orange foam onto the back of the mask so that they stuck out at right angles and once that glue dried, I just taped those bits onto the sidepieces of my own glasses. This lets me see clearly out of the mask, and will work for all of you eye-glass wearers!

If you don't wear glasses, you can get a cheap pair of sunglasses and knock out the lenses, or use those Groucho-Mark eyeglass frames with the nose taken off. You can just glue the mask right to them. This makes the mask really easy to take on and off.


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