Hotel Room Shrine at PantheaCon 2002

I wanted a shrine area in my hotel room while attending the PantheaCon at the DoubleTree Hotel in San Jose, California in February 2002. My grandmother passed on Feb 19, 2001 which was the last day of the con last year, and although that exact date is the day after the con ended this year, I decided to bring the coptic jar in which I retain some of her remains. It was a simple arrangement on top of the tv and wardrobe cabinet. If it's at the same venue next year, I'll bring more stuff as the area is nice and large.

So, the large Egyptian jar contains the remains of Dorothy Floyd Murray, known and loved by all as "Tutu." A girl came back to my room from the Psychic Energy class on Sunday morning and was totally drawn to the shrine. She asked Tutu if it was OK to hold the jar, received permission, then picked up the jar and told me all kinds of things about my grandmother and my family, most of which were really right on. That type of intensity was to repeat itself through many of my experiences that weekend.

The leather bag is the personal medicine bag I sewed myself way back in the late 80s while in college at UC Santa Cruz, when first began studying crystals and things "New Age."

The large quartz crystal is a newer favorite, which I picked at Ancient Ways last year from a woman named Jewel who was giving away things she no longer needed. You could take something if you told someone else to come and pick something.

The red Mardi Gras-style beads I received at the Pombagira Devotional on Friday night. She is the patron goddess of Rio Carnival, and you wear red and black sexy clothing when you dance to her. I had black but no red, so I danced up to the stage and a woman hung the beads around my neck.

The scattered herbs I received from the award-winning Faerie Horde during the costume contest Friday night. Lots of lavender and some others, it added a great fragrance.

The candle was symbolic, and was not lit that weekend due to fire regulations. Sadly others in the hotel were not as considerate, and we were treated to a few fire alarms at inopportune moments.

hotel room shrine with crystal, coptic jar, candle, medicine bag, beads, and herbs

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