I first met Alison when we were both in the sixth grade. We didn't really begin to be good friends until sometime in the middle of seventh grade, but it's been going strong ever since. I don't see her as much as I would like as she lives in Chicago and I'm in San Francisco, but we both have lives that occasionally include travel, and we do get semi-irregular visits with each other.

This picture is of me and Ali, at the boardwalk in Santa Cruz,
photographed by my friend Chris DeVito.

The second picture, on the right, is of the two of us, this time at Cha Cha Cha in San Francisco, taken by Alison's friend Daisy.

Here is Alison with the two guys who created Sifl & Olie, that sock puppet show from MTV. She was a big fan of the show, and wrote to the creators, becoming an email pen pal. She also helped organize a convention for the show, where this picture was taken.

In August 2003, Ali came to visit the Reverend and I, and we all took a long walk on the beach together. Al, as usual, found a new friend....

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