This is my friend Chris Poor, shown on the left with his wife Cally, and on the right with me at the Good Vibrations 25th Anniversary party held at Club NV in San Francisco. Chris didn't know what to wear that night, so he wore a blue satin shirt and long silk skirt of mine. I wore a vintage jacket that used to belong to my paternal grandmother with maribou pasties.

I met Chris at the 2002 Ancient Ways Festival. He was floating in the large pool and commented that I had nice tattoos as I walked past. I wasn't wearing my glasses, or much clothing at the time, but I could see he had some ink too and went over for a closer look. Chris is a priest of Pan, but mainly he is into Buddhism. He's a great example of an adult man who has both presence and manners, but hasn't lost any of his silly boyishness. He likes almost any genre of movie: name anything and chances are he's seen it.

Rae and Chris at Good Vibrations 25th Anniv Party

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