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Nipple Piercing History

I got my first nipple piercing the day before my 23rd birthday. I had spent most of the summer of 1989 reading Re/Search's Modern Primitives volume obsessively, and somewhere along the path, my revulsion towards nipple piercing shifted to curiosity and then to outright desire to experience it. So, there it is.... The first picture of the actual first nipple piercings is shown in the small photo to the right.

It was actually a group ritual, with other piercees and witnesses (see below) and the whole thing was videoed, but I never saw it because the guy who shot it lost the tape in his "divorce." My partner at the time, Chris, was also there, along with my friend Alison. I decided to only get one nipple pierced because 1) I was not sure how painful it would be and 2) I was in a relationship and didn't want both my nipples "out of commission" as it were...

Below middle, Jayson, "The Pilch" (background) and Tim with his new nipple piercing

the attending friends and co-piercee
my second nipple piercing added, Feb 1991

my first nipple piercing, the left oneI got the second nipple pierced, as shown avove right, in February of 1991, the same day that my friend Jayson (middle in shades) got his guiche piercing. My long term relationship had ended so I wasn't worried about the healing period as much, and I had been feeling unbalanced with only the one piercing. The second piercing was VERY different, in the it didn't hurt at all, almost no unpleasant sensation and a big energy rush. A very positive experience.

Check out this body art!

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