pierci ng


Well, this is about as close to a live nipple piercing as you can get in photographs.

Far Left: With the nipple marked and clamped, Joey lines up the 14ga needle. Depending on the experience level of the piercer and the thickness of the tissue, piercer sometimes push the needle into a cork to catch the sharp end.

Second from Left: Joeys slides the needle through George's nipple, and lines up the ring. Since the ring is the same thickness as the needle, when she slides it into place, there is little or no blood.

Second from Right: The 14ga captured bead ring in place, and realigned correctly. The jewelry is still open.

Far Right: The hematite bead is no set into place in the ring ends, and the jewelry is now officially closed.

about to pierce
inserting the ring
ring in place
closed bead ring
Check out this body art!

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