This woman was somewhat shy at first about having her picture taken. When I asked if there was any meaning to the imagery, she merely stated that it was personal and that it couldn't be explained any further, except that it was about transformation. She implied that the image came mostly in a dream.

A few people asked if the woman had seemed Native American in descent, as the photo doesn't show much of her, and she seems to be somewhat blond and Caucasian in appearance. I said that she generally looked to be of Western European heritage to me, but that tattoos are more about inner space and come from inside, where we can be much more than what we seem.

Her shirt is indicative of clothing at a tattoo convention, where the body is the art, and the clothing is altered, however crudely or suddenly to adapt to the visual display. You see tons of T-shirts with a strategic hole cut wherever needed, and pants freshly cutoff.

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