The continuation of the seascape backpiece worn by Mr. Driscoll wraps around the hips with a floral belt tattoo that meets in the crotch. He did not drop his g-string to show me exactly how the tattoo meets in front, but I'm sure if I offered to go somewhere private, he would have been quite content to show me. The obvious comments that came up regarded either "did the tattoo go all the way around?" Or "omigod, that's a pierced nipple!"

A lot of people asked questions regarding how many people were in attendance at this event, and how many people were walking around in extreme states of undress. This gentleman was shirtless and asked me if I wanted to take his picture before dropping his trousers. I feel overall that you get many shirtless men in attendance, and a whole bunch of girls in bikinis. This gentleman does not often reveal his body art, and was quietly happy to do so.

The nipple piercing on Mr. Driscoll is slightly usual in that the ring is gold, and it is about 10-8g in size.

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