The Duel of Aaron Burr vs Alexander Hamilton (right)

Right before those "Aaron Burr" milk ads came out, I saw this backpiece. One look at the commercial and I knew who the answer was. Here is a full backpiece depicting that historic duel that changed American history. This tattoo was created by Erno, whose shop is where I've gotten most of my own work done.

The First Manned Hot Air Balloon Ascent (below)

This is a much more stately representation of this great moment in aviation history than the usual reference that comes to my mind: a Monty Python skit where Eric Idle keeps asking a suspended Carol Cleveland if he can put his tongue in her mouth, while Terry Jones runs around in a towel trying to stop a faux King of England.

copyright 1994 Rae Schwarz

copyright 1994 Rae Schwarz

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