The House of Erebus Tattoos

The vampire family lines are descended in “tribes” with a common name and tattoo design being particular to each. In BLADE, Deacon Frost (Stephen Dorff) uses the vampire council as part of his plan to raise the Blood God. The transformation ritual in the Temple of Eternal Night allows the various powers of each vampire type to be transferred to Frost, conferring on him the powers of La Magra.

Ashe - The Ashe Tribe are the most sensitive to those elements most traditionally used to combat vampires. Ultra violet rays, sunlight, silver and garlic are have a stronger effect on these vampires.

Cianteto - This Cianteto Tribe is from Mexico, supposedly raised from the dead by the same witches that gave Montezuma his immense power. A warrior caste, they have the strength of ten men and regenerate limbs lost in battle.

Dragonetti - The Dragonetti Tribe are influential sorcerers dating back to pre-Medieval times, who were reincarnated and returned to Europe. They consider themselves as the first pure bred vampires.

Faustinas - The Faustinas Tribe are believed to have gained their “pure blood” status by practicing Santaria. Along with physical strength, they also can control minds, matter and the elements. Faustinas can only be terminated with a silver stake though the heart and must also be decapitated or they will be reborn with more power than they possessed before. The House of Erebus has twelve members and eleven tribes, two seats being held by the Faustinas identical twin female leaders.

Ligaroo - This Ligaroo Tribe is from France. During the night, they shed their skin, turning into a ball of fire to methodically stalk their prey. They feed only from the jugular and are the only Tribe that hoards blood for use later.

Lemure - The Lemure Tribe of Rome were originally evil spirits that inhabited corpses and turned the dead into immortal night stalkers. Known for their ability to seduce their prey, they are beautiful denizens of the dark and frequently underground raves and Goth clubs.

Kobejitsu - This marking signifies members of the Kobejitsu Tribe who ae proficient assassins known as the Death Ninjas. Strong and agile possessing unusual stamina, the Kobejitsu can be identified by their red, bulging eyes. They are the only members of the House of Erebus that do not cast a shadow.

Lobishomen - This marking signifies members of the Lobishomen Tribe who are linked to the werewolves of Brazil. It is believed that the original Lobishomen were killed by a werewolf and returned to the earth as a vampire. Given the number of deaths attributed to werewolves, the Lobishomen is the largest clan in the House of Erebus.

Von Esper - The Von Esper Tribe are the most violent and ruthless members in the House of Erebus. They are efficient assassins and are easily swayed or involved when bloodshed is to be taken.

Upier - The Upier Tribe are born with a full set of teeth and razor sharp fangs. Originally from Eastern Europe, these vampires are particularly lethal and feared because of their ability to hone their deadly skills at an young age.

Pallintine - The Tribe of Pallintine hails from the Baltic region and are some of the wealthiest industrialists in the Vampire Nation. Their vast wealth has allowed them to blend into society somewhat invisibily.











Von Esper

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