Truth and Individuality, Honesty and Peacock Feathers

On January 22nd, 2004, Kris Smith was out in San Francisco again, and he and I made one really long day of it. Kris came over my house at noon and left at 10pm. About six and a half hours of that was him tattooing my chest. He'd come over the evening before and we'd talked out the design over burritos. He had his sketch book and I had a few sprigs of dried honesty (lunaria) and some peacock feathers.

For the actual work, he drew some shaping guidelines on my chest in orange and lime green Sharpie marker then went to work freehand. We did the color side, walked down the street to get dinner at the Baghdad Cafe on Market, then came home and did the b&w side.

Check out this body art!

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