Lotus Petals

That mystical travelling duo of Terra Nova Tattoo, Josh and Tanya, were back in Santa Cruz for yet a third time. I really enjoyed their energy and so scheduled an appointment to see Tanya (Tatiana) once again. I wanted the original tattoo expanded, sort of an energy increase, and I also wanted the Om that Josh had done more defined. Lots of folks were asking me what that "3" on my back meant. Actually despite the pink outlining, lots of folks still ask about the "3". Guess I just can't expect Americans to recongnize another language, even if Om is one of the biggest symbols in Eastern sacred calligraphy and religion. By the way, for the folks who want to argue the form of the Om, it's in Tibetan calligraphy, from "Sacred Calligraphy of the East."

Check out this body art!

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