Tibetan Mantra
tattooed by Kris Smith, January 10, 2001

After a three year pause, I got a new piece of ink in January 2001. A friend of mine from work was having a tattooist friend visit and asked me if I would be interested in getting any work while his buddy was in San Francisco.

The color image in the middle is a scan of the actual finished tattoo that I made by lying across my computer scanner.

The design concept is shown in the far left image. I brought this to the artist and said "here is where we leap off from..." It's a leafed mantra applied to a marbled piece of paper. I mocked up the design on my computer. I scanned red-varigated gold leaf, and the Sanskrit characters and some paper I had marbled with suminagashi patterns.

The design phoenetically should sound a lot like "Rachel" but the literal translation is "supernatural power-space-shadow-seeking-dye." It took about two hours to complete and runs from between my breasts to just above my navel. The artist was a gentleman named Kris Smith who has relocated to Boston and has a shop there now. Those of you in his area, I highly recommend him!

Check out this body art!

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