How I Made A Giant Squidoo Head Mask
Don't it make my brown eyes blue...

I used a slightly different gel medim for the iris. The orange body medium was matte, but the gel for the iris was glossy to make the eyeball party more shiny.

It was really easy to paint as the faint traces of ribs in the eyeball could just be followed to make the circle for the colored part of the eye.

You can see the hole for you head cut into the bottom of the sphere really well in this shot.

Testing the Tentacles

The idea of trying to build big tentacles were probably what scared off anyone else thinking of taking on this project. Anything that sticks too far out from a mask almost always causes balance problems big time.

But I had a mask-making epiphany that made me willing to take on the project: balloons.

Yep, those are twister balloons and they are just stuck on through some holes in the top of the mask and taped in place. The mixed bag of balloons I got didn't have too many orange ones in it, so I saved all of those to be sent to Megan and did all my tests with other colors.

Iris Detailing

Now I'm down to the really Squiddy details. I went and got my foam mask to see how I did the eye ball details the last time and just hand-painted the iris lines by hand with a darker blue paint.

On to finishing the eye...


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