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Women's Pierced Nipples

I've had pierced nipples for a little over a decade now. On the whole, I feel society at large still becomes revulsed at the topic, but in larger cities, you can find scenes where people don't bat an eyelash at that sort of thing. As a resident of San Francisco, I fall into a group of the latter.

To read how I first came to have pierced nipples, please visit the Nipple Piercing History Page.

The enlarged image to the right is a scan of my present-day nipple piercings, yet another picture taken by lying my body onto the bed of my computer scanner (scanned 2001). I have stretched my nipple piercings from the original 14g to 10g. The rings are stainless steel captured bead ring style with purple titanium beads.

The picture below left shows both 10g steel nipple rings along with my Tibetan mantra chest tattoo, and my jade Quan Yin pendant.

Check out this body art!

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