4th Annual Gay Pride Brunch with celebrity grand marshall Sir Ian McKellan

For several years now, Gary Virginia and Donna Sachet have been holding a brunch to benefit the Positive Resources Center, an organization that helps people living with HIV and AIDS obtain benefits and job placement. We found their web site and saw that all of the grand marshalls of the parade would be attending, so....

Sir Ian McKellan (pics)

Sir Ian gave a speech which I caught as a combo of audio and video. When he offered to show his tattoo, I switched to video, not that I was in any position to really see anything, but hey, Ian McKellan was unbuttoning his shirt....

Speech Pt 1

See the tattoo, hear the joke!

Speech Pt 2

Alan Selby, founder of Mr. S Leathers with Sharon Gless and Ms. Donna Sachet

The Reigning Empress and Emperor of the SF Imperial Court

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