Here are some shots from the Lembas Bake-Off. There were a good dozen or so entries, and everyone who attended was allowed to taste and vote. The competition was wide open to whatever you invisioned "lembas" to be. Overall, the entries seemed to be of two categories: seemingly traditional and non-traditional.

The first place winner was Rodrigo, one of the gentlemen from the SCA, who baked a very tasty shortbread. Second place went to Tehanu, of TOR.N fame, who baked what was a much more traditional interpretation of Elven waybread. Third place went to Elf-Lady.

First place winner Rodrigo. Shown below is his winning shortbread.

Tehanu, who won second place. The large pastry shown below right is one of her Lembas.

Elf-Lady, the third place winner, with her daughter

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