St Stupid's Parade 2005

Some Stewpud Chick and a Moth DSCF0002.JPG Monkey on her Back The CEO The Chairman and the Bored
DSCF0008.JPG Oil Feeding Tube Great Shirt + Wavy's Fish Blue Bunny It's the Cheese...
Horny Nurses He Loves Signs Classic Hippie DSCF0021.JPG Titties N Beer
Bishop Joey April Flower Strap on your Kazoo! Good Gravey! Devil Rock
1st Station of Stupid Fuckin' Hat 2nd Station of Stupid Don't Read This DSCF0044.JPG
DSCF0045.JPG Knockin' on Stupid's door Hey, the Well is 20! DSCF0049.JPG Wrong Side
DSCF0052.JPG Caution 3rd Station of Stupid Tightening the Screws Wrecked Bicyclist
what shall we get? DSCF0061.JPG The Parade Rest Blender Chef Oh yes we have some bananas
She gives a Hoot! Meter Violation Doggie Diner Heads 5th Station of Stupid DSCF0071.JPG
Hey, there's that Jamba Juice.... Stupid DressBarn Caly, is that you? Throwing pennies at the Banker's Heart DSCF0079.JPG
M, the Pink Bunny DSCF0082.JPG DSCF0083.JPG Last Station of Stupid So stupid it's clever
DSCF0091.JPG Some stupid lady Stewpud ol' Me! DSCF0099.JPG
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