I talked my friend Wolf into going up to Seattle to visit my folks, and he talked me into travelling via Amtrak. So, we took the Coast Starlight up to Seattle. Great trip, fantastic scenery, cool people along the way. Here are a few of the highlights.

We hit the Pike Place Market, it being the main highlight of the waterfront. The photo below at the far right shows me standing with Rachel the Pig, the mascot and piggy bank of the Market Foundation, that manages Seattle's Famous Pike Place Market. Right behind me is the infamous fish market where the guys throw the fish. The trick to it is, someone, be they local or tourist, must want to buy some fish, or there is no show. That day, folks were all milling around, but not buying. About 50 ft to the left (from my in-the-picture viewpoint) is a fantastic stand that makes teeniest and freshist donuts. The show is smaller (one big donut toss at the end) but they are piping hot and come in four variations.

We checked out the murals in the underground bus tunnels and the train at the Waterfront.

We also had some notable moments with the Seattle Troll, and my dad took us to view the most amazing home, which I can only describe as a Queer Gingerbread House.

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