BB, short for Bondage Bunny, belongs to AC. This rabbit has been to more countries and cons than she has. He is doted upon and spoiled by a varied network of women, and has some fabulous "ear tattoos" that are really a genuine celebrity signature. He has pierced nipples and a pronounced package, and this rabbit really knows how to party.

Below left is BB sitting on the rainbow steps of Under One Roof on Castro Street. Below right, BB got a front row seat for the parade. At AC's advice, he was securely tied to the security barricade because, as she put it pointedly, "drag queens love him." That was to prove itself true later that afternoon. The wmens group to our right on the sidewalk set up their own faux turf, palm tree and pink flamingo accents, which you can see in the background of this shot.

Left, BB and AC share a hug.

Right, BB packing on the back of AC's backpack, showing his support for the freedom to marry any kind of stuffed animal he chooses.


Below left, BB and a very Chi Chi lady.

Below middle, not your usual Sunday bonnet and frock.

Below right, the bunny has had a full day....

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