Halloween PEZ dispensers
There have been many variations on the ghosts and skeletons made for Halloween over the years.

Some are regular dispensers and some incorporate glow-in-the-dark features.


These ghosts and ghouls actually have names. From left to right, we have Slimy Sid, Naughty Neil and Happy Henry. They come in white plastic and glowing variations.


Dr. Skull isn't as detailed as he used to be, and his head has gotten a lot bigger too. The dark-headed PEZ on the right is "the Mummy," a newer Halloween design. He really looks more like a happy skeleton than a mummy.

Holiday PEZ

Celebrate with Holiday PEZ Dispensers! No matter what your favorite holiday (Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Valentine's Day) chances are there's a PEZ dispenser for it.

Look at this PEZ!

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