PEZ® Wacky Wobblers

These are a few "Wacky Wobblers" which have been licensed for PEZ® characters. They still work as PEZ dispensers, but they are much larger. This past year I managed to get both the Bride and Groom set, plus one each of the policeman and fireman. All of these were purchased at a store in San Francisco called Tutti Frutti, located in the Inner Sunset District.

wacky wobblers of PEZ® characters

Exotic PEZ Dispensers

Welcome to Exotic PEZ Collecting!  Exotic PEZ dispensers might be items that are not the traditional types of dispensers, or they might be something that is PEZ-related that doesn't put out candies at all.  Sometimes these are very cool th...

Look at this PEZ!

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